Donations // Overview after 1 month

I decided to start Lilipad when I was in India, last November. Back then, I wanted to call it The Little Ones Library, but having a charity called L.O.L just didn’t sound very appealing… A few notebook pages later, and one sketch later (thank you Paul F.), Lilipad was born and with it a (very) ambitious fundraising goal: 6,500 euros.


Original sketch for Lilipad’s logo

Back in December when I made the project public, I had absolutely no idea about how the donations would go. It was simply too hard to estimate. But I decided to go for that goal anyway and use a simple strategy: 50% to raise online and 50% by organising events in Berlin.

One month after the launch of the crowdfunding campaign, I am happy to say that Lilipad is on track to reach its original goal in a few weeks only. Here’s an overview of the donations we got for Uganda so far:

  • 1,321 euros raised on Go Fund Me (1,425 euros before the transaction fee)
  • 540 euros raised at Lilipad event #1: a contemporary art exhibition organised at Fata Morgana gallery in Mitte, on January 6th.



  • Last but not least, AppLift leadership team raised 1,020 euros for Lilipad last weekend during a casino night, which the company decided to double… Making it a solid 2,040 euros and a great Monday morning surprise.

Overview at 1 month: 3,901 euros raised for Kyabirwa Primary School in Uganda!

And to continue the great news, we are expecting up to 500 euros from Shams – Enfants du Monde, a sweet Paris based charity which aim is to help other non-profit initiatives that are trying to help kids in need around the world. This basically means that we have 2,100 euros left to raise to achieve the goal. Stay tuned for some amazing events to come in Berlin in February!

The donations will help finance an entire year of text books for as many kids as possible from the school. Technically, 6,500 euros should sort out 100 children for next year, but since the school makes a lot of copies, there will be much more kids benefiting from these donations. The timing is also perfect since the curricular program just changed in Uganda, so it’s the good time to buy a new batch of books.

Thank you for all the support. Lilipad isn’t a one person project, but a project with a big and great team behind it.

NB: To all donors, if you would like to receive feedback and photos of the library in Uganda once it’s built, please make sure to include your email address as a comment in the crowdfunding page, or send a message to

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