Lilipad’s Big 2017 Event Recap!

Lilipad’s primary goal is, and will always be, to provide educational resources to children in need. To do this, we like to think of creative, fun ways to raise money and spread awareness of what we’re doing. That’s why we love our events!

In 2017 we held a series of events in Berlin aimed at adults (as well as some events in England with children). Among other things, we held a Drag Queen Children’s Book Reading, a Summer Fest, a Gallery Exhibition, a Yoga Class (live music), a Concert, an Outdoor Workout and plenty of legendary Pub Quizzes!

Each event was unique in its own way and each event, we feel, strived not just to provide a platform for Lilipad to raise money, but also to bring people together for a good cause. The way we see it, people are social beings, and if we can organise something that people enjoy doing anyway, the fun is only multiplied by knowing that everything you spend is going to a good cause.

There’s also something special about holding events that capture the imagination of an adult, such as our Drag Queen Reading. Lilipad seeks to inspire young minds to dream and to imagine a life beyond what they know. With our events we feel that in some way we encourage adults to realize that they shouldn’t stop dreaming, either. That’s the power of the imagination, and it’s something we should all cherish.

So join us on a trip back through 2017 to look back on all our incredible events!


Lilipad Charity Exhibition @ Fata Morgana Gallery

Our inauguration event was an exhibition at Fata Morgana Gallery in Mitte. We prepared sangria, cakes and much more – all surrounded by friends and art.

Charity Yoga with Jeanna de Kroon

We also hosted a very special yoga event in January, the first time fitness and charity came together for Lilipad (but not the last time!). Thanks to Jeanna De Kroon for hosting!


Valentine’s Live Music @ IPA Bar

February saw our first live concert at IPA Bar. We were blown away by the support, and thrilled to welcome Isa Bella & Mr. Wright and Beatelephant. Be sure to check them out!

Reading & Show by The Real Housewives of Neukölln

Our most fabulous show of the year was hosted by the beautiful Real Housewives of Neukolln! They read children stories to a rapt audience in their own unique, hilarious way.


Outdoor Training Session

In the heat of summer a group of determined fitness freaks went to the park with Maree Walch to sweat it out! It was another great success!


Lilipad’s Charity Summer Fest @ Kultur Labor

August saw our last major event of the year, the Charity Summer Fest. A huge thank you to everyone who showed up, and an even bigger thank you to all the people who helped out! We had food, DJs, books for sale, and even drinks provided from BRLO!

Thanks to Dhia, DJ Wah China, Jagerverb and Nash Potato for performing.

Throughout the year

Pub Quizzes @ Frollein Langer

We also hosted several pub quizzes throughout the year! They’ve helped us raise a huge amount of money, and raise awareness of the charity. Thanks to Frollein Langer for hosting us, and Man & Wife for being the quiz masters!

Children’s Events

We were lucky enough to count on the support of Amy in Brighton, who helped us out by hosting a series of events for children in her home!

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who came and got involved. We couldn’t do it without you!

Author: Paul Fowler

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