Testimony: In the field

Yahya’s story of École Lakhdar

My “Lilipad’ story began very simply. I saw the work Sara was doing in Uganda & was really impressed about what she achieved. So, when she told me that the second country will be Morocco, where I have been living since 2015, I was determined to help and make things easier for her in the field. 

When I began, she already had first contacts (schools, partners …) and my part was to get things started quickly. We had a first school visit to determine needs, discuss details with the administration and have all permissions from local authorities to start the project. Always in touch with Sara, I started to contact different suppliers in order to buy school supplies & books to prepare for the back-to-school period. 

Moreover, in September 2017, when Sara came to Morocco, we began to see our mini-library take shape. It was amazing to see the work we had done when the day arrived to distribute the school supplies & new books that the children were so unused to. We could see more than 150 students smiling and happy to begin a new year with so much motivation and the necessary supplies for a normal kid and a normal school year.

It was a pleasure to help these children through Lilipad action and I will be honored to have the opportunity to do so in the future.

– Yahya

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