Morocco book launch party

October 6th 2018

We wanted to make the inauguration day of the library at Centre de Sauvegarde de L’Enfance memorable and create a really fun introductory afternoon for the girls who live there. They all spend most of their time in the facility, so they were extremely happy to be entertained that day. 

The girls entered the library group by group and were given a tour and welcome by Yahya. The director of the centre gave an inauguration speech explaining how books are organised, encouraging them to use it and just have fun with the books.

At the end of each tour, the group was given half an hour to pick a book and read or explore the other activities in the library. We created a little corner for colouring and provided all the material → this was very popular on the opening day!

After the library part was over, we had a personal trainer come in and use a gym space the centre had available to give the girls a fitness class for an hour. 

We also hired a DJ to play music and moved the party to a big event room where we prepared snacks, drinks and the DJs organised some games for the girls (a lot of dancing involved).

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