Reflexions on Fundraver – Our 2nd Anniversary Party!

On February 1st, Lilipad celebrated 2 years of hard work and commitment to the values of our mission at ACUD MACHT NEU in our hometown Berlin. The party was an absolute success and we, the Lilipad Team, are overwhelmed by the love and support that so many of you expressed to the cause.

Attendance vastly exceeded anything we could have expected, and we were able to raise double than our goal! The total of €2,100 euros donated by almost 300 fundravers will be put to use to support our existing libraries and was already of great help to open up our latest library in Uganda (5th in total!). We are incredibly proud of the progress we have seen since founding Lilipad back at the beginning of 2017. This anniversary was the largest event Lilipad has organised so far and we cannot wait for the next to come.

The party lasted until dawn, and we were delighted to have on stage dear friends and Lilipad members. Thank you Diva International, Starfunkel, Kim Anker, Man & Wife, Pau & Yone and Boris Filipov from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with groovy tunes all night long!

As in any anniversary worthy of that name, we also had cake! Our friends were kind enough to bake a beautiful and delicious custom Lilipad anniversary cakes. Many thanks Sam and Sina, for your indispensable contribution to the party and for putting your great baking skills to our cause!

We would like to thank all fundravers that partied for charity and donated their energy, good vibes and euros to Lilipad’s cause! Our mission becomes much more meaningful and enjoyable when are able to make everyone involved happy in the process. It is for us a great joy to have the opportunity to give something back to Berlin and the people that support the idea behind Lilipad.

We hope to see you all very soon in our next fundraising event in Berlin!

“It is truly inspiring to see people engaged in a shared cause, especially, one as important as education.”

Lucas, fundraver

“It’s been remarkable to witness how Sara and her crew are managing to bring together such quality and fun events in order to raise awareness about their project. The community is constantly growing over the years and the money raised always exceeds expectations. Looking forward to more gatherings and successes for Lilipad!”

Alexandre, fundraver

” Lilipad is a project that does not only build small libraries but it also managed to build a lovely Berlin community that moves together like a nomad tribe from place to place to bring joy and raise funds. I am very happy to be part of it and looking forward to all the next exciting events!”

Iva, DJ &fundraver

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