We Know What You Did Last Summer Fest 🔥

The sun was shining once again when we threw our Third Annual Summer Fest at KulturLabor in Neukölln. This is the celebration we look forward to all year, since it brings together all the people that have supported us since the beginning, as well as introducing new faces to Lilipad’s mission.

The event kicked off mid-afternoon with Lilipad resident DJs, DJ Nice Man and DJ Girlfriend warming up the early punters while the food sellers set out their stalls. People began trickling in, Pfeffi began flowing and before you knew it the party really kicked off with Äggi Blau brought her tasteful, driving selections to the floor. Next up, 11 Unicorns brought the house down with their live tribal set before Lilipad’s favourite drag queen, DJ Wah ChIna, performed her inimitable live show to the rapt attention of the crowd. Proceedings closed with Summer Fest regulars Wedding DJs and a crowd of Lilipad’s nearest and dearest still dancing the day away.

DJ Nice Man aka Manel, Lilipad Board Member
DJ Girlfriend aka Paul, Lilipad Board Member
Äggi Blu
DJ Wah China or the best librarian of Neukölln
11 Unicorns

As ever, we’re deeply indebted to all the DJs, the cooks, the helpers, the sellers and everyone that came to make it our biggest Summerfest ever. Over €2600 was raised in aid of Lilipad’s projects, and an extra €996 was raised by our Silent Auction. The funds from the Silent Auction were specifically meant to help Little Stars Pre-Primary School (Kyabirwa, Uganda) get a new latrine/toilet system after theirs got seriously damaged by heavy floods a few months ago (this is where we opened our 5th library in March 2019).

Silent Auction Stand

Lilipad’s Summer Fest is a special event for us, not only because our friends all come together to help and support the project, but because there’s a unique vibe in the air every single year. It’s an event that brings people together to do the simple things we enjoy: eat, dance, chat and drink cheap but delicious drinks 🙂

Mini Tattoos by the talented Orsi

It’s also the year’s major event on the Lilipad calendar (closely followed by Fundraver!), and our most successful in terms of raised funds. For that, once again, we want to thank everyone that helps every year, and all our friends and all the newcomers that came to make 2019 our best year yet!

Can’t wait to see you at our next event 😉

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