Book-Party #3 – A Transformative Day!

On Saturday October 12th, our team was back at Stephanus-Stiftung Friedrichshagen, home to our Berlin library since September 2017, for an afternoon of readings, activities and fun! This third edition was inspired by the theme of “Transformation”, as the season has transitioned to beautiful Autumn and Halloween is just around the corner. This was the perfect opportunity to supply the library with brand new stories, all under the theme of transformation and magic! 

The event started with a surprise…for the Lilipad team! With the help of their Arabic teacher Mohamed, some of the kids prepared and performed a song in Arabic, a powerful tribute to their home country, Syria and a moving call for help asking for their stolen childhood to be retrieved. This was followed by readings of a poignant story about families forced to flee their homes due to war and a beautiful poem about Damascus. In a world where 3.7M refugee children are out of school, we are grateful for the opportunity to witness these children blossom at the contact of books and art and couldn’t have been more thrilled by this wonderful surprise. 

Mohamed & the team – Song in full preparation!

Following the theme of Transformation, our Lilipad team continued with a presentation of the newly donated books for the library – multifaceted stories about autumn, witches and magicians – followed by lively readings that kept the curious audience magnetized. As we created once again an exciting workshop for the children to craft and paint all together, the little ones and even the parents were enchanted: Through self-designed masks and a little help from the Lilipad magicians every child transformed into a creature of their very own imagination! The creativity and diversity of the creative processes became the climax of the day – in the end Spiderman, a couple witches and magical fairies formed a happy and very lively crowd, connecting over imagination and literature. 

Reading in German
Homam, Maja and Mustafa, now regulars of the Lilipad Book Parties ❤
Mask workshop
Mask Workshop
Manuel and Charlotte
Sara (Lilipad), Anna (Lilipad) and Sebastian (Stephanus) present from the children!

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