How we work

The team behind Lilipad run two or more missions each year to build a library in a space for children. We support local organisations such as schools or orphanages by providing resources for a library, allowing the easiest access for children and Lilipad to make the biggest impact. We reach out to locations we have personal connections with and can have representatives of Lilipad at the opening of each library.

Libraries involve building or repurposing a space in which children feel happy and comfortable and want to learn. Lilipad collects book donations and purchases books and equipment or textbooks where needed to create a place of learning and foster a love of reading for children across the world.

Projects are funded through a fundraising program as well as private and corporate donations. Our fundraising activities are rich and varied, focused mostly in our home city of Berlin. Events are held regularly, focusing on book collection, music and the arts and celebration of diversity in our city.

Who we are

The team consists of 8 members based in Berlin and 1 member based in Casablanca. It consists of 3 Board Members and permanent team members. We are occasionally supported by an intern or volunteer. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch!

Meet our Board Members:


Co-Founder // Sara leads the Strategy of the charity and the Lilipad team vision. She works throughout the year to identify recipients for new libraries and to make sure we provide continuous support to our previous ones. She helps coordinate the team by collaborating with other departments.

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Co-Founder // Paul is our Event and PR Manager. If you are interested in featuring Lilipad in your publication, please get in touch.

Siân is our General Secretary, responsible for administration across the organisation and managing lilipad.com.