Morocco – Centre de Sauvegarde de L’Enfance

Our 4th mission (2nd in Morocco) has led us to Centre de Sauvegarde de L’Enfance pour Jeune Fille FIDA, an orphanage and correctional facility that rehabilitates young and teenage girls who have had trouble with the law and helps them return to society through education and vocational skills. In September 2018, the place was home to 64 girls, though they have space for 300, and the population changes constantly. While there was already a library there, it had limited books so the staff weren’t empowered to use it or encourage the girls to visit it.

Our work there consisted in the following:

  • Renovation and installation of a library/reading room with ~300 books in Arabic and French (we provided the decoration and material and used the tables and shelves that the facility already had)
  • Colouring section for the little ones
  • Organisation of an inauguration day with a presentation of the library to the girls, a sport session with a trainer and a kids party until the end of the afternoon with music, snacks and activities.


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Transparency commitment

The project cost €1,336 EUR in total, a breakdown of the costs can be seen below: