Our Story

Books have the power to transform us. Whether it’s a whole society or simply one person, the profound effect books have on us is something that has never changed.

That’s why I wanted to start Lilipad. Growing up in Casablanca I was so shy I was too scared to even talk to my own grandparents. I found solace in books and, finding strength in the stories I read, eventually came out of my shell. Knowing the effect that books had on me, my goal is simply to share that sense of joy and discovery with others, and particularly children that might not have easy access to these books that we take for granted.

The project is based in my city of heart, Berlin. However, the influences are multiple, from all the heteroclite and lively cities where I have had the chance to live at some point: Paris, Austin, Hong Kong, Bangalore and of course Casablanca.

Many thanks to you, reader, for any contribution you might be making, or simply for the time you spent reading about Lilipad.

Our story