Our libraries

Lilipad is a non-profit project dedicated to helping underprivileged kids through books. Our mission has 2 main components.

  • Building a library and providing it with books that can transmit the love of reading to a maximum of children. Our idea is to give a chance to these kids to discover that a book can be a true friend and a wide opened door to the most wonderful dreams. We’re aiming to collect most of the books through donations, or by purchasing them directly once we are on the field. On top of children books, we provide a few books for adults as well, in order to make the library accessible for the whole community around the school.
  • After we started this project we came to realize that sharing exclusively reading books might have only a limited impact in the institutions we are targeting. Indeed, considering that Lilipad intends to help underprivileged institutions, mostly in developing countries, we are usually dealing with children and families that can hardly afford the strict minimum to go to school. Our goal is hence not only to help the children have access to books for leisure, but also to the text books they need every day for their curriculum. In order to achieve this goal, we rely completely on donations.