2019: Uganda – Little Stars Pre-Primary

Our 5th mission saw us return to the village of Kyabirwa, in Uganda, where back in March 2017 we setup our first library. We were most happy to revisit our local contact and multifaceted man, Moses, English teacher and village problem-solver who hosted us, and helped us greatly upon our first visit.

Since our last visit, Moses has set out to start his own project, Little Stars, a pre-primary school for the little ones of the village (including his 4-year old son Chris). Achieving this was only possible with the fundamental help of Giusi, a good hearted Italian who funded and helped building the facility, which counts now with 3 classrooms. School started already a couple of months back, and it currently hosts around 120 children.

Little Stars also has an adjacent multi-purpose room – which has now become the Lilipad Library.

Our 5th library!

In this mission, our Library was built with the purpose of serving not only the kids attending Little Stars but also the students of the neighboring Kyabirwa Primary and Secondary schools, as a study room. For it, we brought 150 reading books from Berlin, and sourced the rest locally. We also increased our support at Kyabirwa Primary School, and supplied 250 books for P4 (4th grade).

Further, we provided enough furniture for workshops to be held, as well as establish the setup for adults to come and read or borrow books, benefiting the community as a whole.

Our work consisted in the following:

  • A total of 654 books, comprising 319 reading books and 335 study books. We built 2 big shelves made out of local jack-tree wood to store these;
  • We provided individual chalk board slates for the pre-schoolers to learn writing, as well as white and colored chalk;
  • 26 chairs: 16 for adults and 10 for children, as well as 3 tables. We also provided papaya-wood mats to cover the floor of the room. For decoration, we painted the room as well as the old playground toys and installed garlands that brought color to the room;
  • 2 new toys for the playground (a slide and a seasaw), and a football for the local youngsters team;
  • We had some further costs with transport of books from Berlin, as well as the playground toys from the shop to the school.

Total Cost – €2787,29

Some of the reading and study books for Little Stars…
…and the Primary (P4) course books for Kyabirwa Primary School!
Individual chalkboard slates allow the Little Stars to learn how to write.
The coaches and their new football.