Uganda – Kyabirwa School

The first Lilipad project took place in Kyabirwa Primary School in Uganda, in March 2017.


First fact about Kyabirwa Primary School: The budget per child is less than $2 per year.

This Ugandan Primary School is located outside of Jinja, a town of 75,000 inhabitants mostly classified as “working urban poor”. Around 1,000 kids go to this school, and classrooms are much bigger than what most of us are used to (officially between 45 and 100 pupils). The school was made in shacks until the recent years, when electricity was introduced. Since then, the school has had most rooms made in bricks.

After hosting a first volunteer by coincidence, the school staff (and in particular Mr. Moses Owino) realised how beneficial a volunteer program would be. All of the kids and teachers have never left their hometown and some of them know very little about the world, so receiving help from volunteers every now and then represented a great opportunity for them. Volunteers usually teach English or computing skills, help in construction work, etc.

Our first goal was to offer something durable to Kyabirwa Primary School: a library filled of entertaining reading books. We believe all these kids should be allowed to dream big. And books are the first gateway to the biggest dreams.

Our second goal was originally to finance a whole year of text books for the 100 most underprivileged kids of the school, which turned out very difficult to assess. We subsequently decided it would be more effective to provide text books to all of the pupils of Primary 5, 6 and 7, in the 4 examinable subjects: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English. These books will be of use for at least 5 years – maybe 7, until the program changes again.

What we have achieved in Kyabirwa:

  • Donations: 5,100 euros collected in just over 2 months
  • Painting and renovation of the future Lilipad Library and a reading room
  • 872 text books donated
  • 200+ reading books donated
  • Setting up a playground for the pre-school children
  • Setting up a future system to use the library with the teaching staff
  • Organizing a reading day with over 800 kids at the school





We would like to thank everyone who made this first project a success. If you also want to get involved and help Kyabirwa Primary School by becoming a volunteer, send us a message at: